What Our Clients Say About Us

“Mike @ Logic Ops is a “one stop shop” when you decide to go online with a website. From my first conversation with him to the final product, he is a class act. He takes the “scary” out of going global. My website is by far the best advertising money I have ever spent.”

Jimmy H.

“Thank you for your hard work. The website looks great. Everything is there that we wanted.”

Bobby Harsh

County Medical Transport, Inc.

“I didn’t have time to learn how to setup a website at a web-hosting provider; they [Logic Ops, LLC] were able to setup all of the behind the scenes technical stuff for us and got our website and email running.”
Martin H.
“MSPAA Website Back Online – Our webhosting provider discontinued its service which took us offline. Michael D. [at Logic Ops, LLC] provided a suitable location: with his help and technical assistance, we have returned the website to the internet.”
“We have been using them [Logic Ops, LLC] for almost 15 years.  They have provided data conversion services for mail merge, DNS configurations, setup VPN between offices and created a backup system for our business files.”
Todd M.
“Logic Ops has maintained the Francis Scott Key Lions Club website (www.fsklions.org) for several years.  The website is updated at least monthly, often more frequently, to add press releases, photographs, and articles.  Updates are completed in a timely manner.  When technology advanced to the point that our original website was no longer up to date, at Mike’s suggestion and with the club’s permission, he completely reinvented the site and added Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker accounts and links to give our organization more of a social media presence.  It has been a delight to work with him.”
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