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Examine hard drive- data recovery
Data Recovery

Hard drive crash? OS / file system corrupt.  Accidently deleted needed files?  We can recover most if not all data / files.  Important documents and irreplaceable pictures are not always lost when one of the aformentioned issues occurs.  For optimal results for a data recovery attempt is to keep the computer system / server turned off (preventing the operating system from over writing the "lost" data with new files).  Basically, the more a system is used after files are deleted or the file structure corruption occurs the less data that can be successfully recovered.  Even though we have a former state police Computer Forensics Investigator (Maryland court recognized computer forensics expert) on staff, there are no guarantees on recovering lost, corrupted or deleted data as there are many factors that determine what data can be recovered.  We can examine the system / hard drive and see what is possible.  Review our waiver to understand the risk and liability for recovery services.

Secure File Deletion
Are you upgrading to a new computer system or replacing hard drive(s) or other media and are concerened about YOUR data on the old media / system?  We can securely delete any files / all data on a hard drive, thumb / flash drive to DoD standard.  It is important to know that once a secure deletion service is performed it is impossible for the securely deleted (overwritten) data (images and documents) to be recovered.

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